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Whether it is for a cool drink on a summer day or organizing a big party in winter, you definitely need to have a good refrigerator at home. This is a long term appliance that would probably last for over five to ten years. It may be heavy on the pocketbook when you plan to buy one. Thus, it is an investment that needs to be made wisely.

Keeping this requirement of our customers in mind, at MainFaucet, we house a wide range of fine quality and energy efficient refrigerators. Since we offer only the best in the market, you end up getting the best of the lot. One of the products that we offer in this line is the frost-free refrigerators.

The left or right hinge refrigerators are the foremost choice for most homes. Available in a range of capacities from 200 liters to 450 liters, these are usually two doors which are ideal for most houses and keep food cooler for longer. It has uniform cooling, auto defrosting and auto evaporation of defrost water. If you are planning to get this appliance then there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

First thing you need to check is the size of your family as well as the use of frozen food items. Depending on this you need to pick a fridge that will exactly match the capacity. This is essential as if it is too big then you are wasting power, and if it is too small you will spend a considerable amount of time shifting and making space.

Next on the list should be the type of the model, usually you would find refrigerators that have freezers on the top. While these are great you may want a bottom one for your homes as they are more convenient. Additionally also check for right or left hinge refrigerator, based on your preferences.

For further guidance on buying the right kind of appliances, get in touch with us, we would be happy to help.