Water Coolers

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Which is the one area in your work place that is used for taking a break, socializing, being creative or simply relaxing? You would probably point in the direction of the pantry and more so, near the coffee machine or the cooler. Hence, that is one of the vital spaces in the office. For a space like that you need to have ideal kitchen appliances. Especially, with so many people using them, it is essential that they are in a great shape.

Most people spend weeks in picking out the ideal domestic devices like Refrigerators and microwave, but the other smaller appliances are usually bought as per the need, without paying too much attention to it. While it is essential to give more time for the expensive machines, attention to detail is also necessary. We, at Main Faucet, understand this and thus have a wide range of smaller equipments like coolers. However, there are a few elements you need to keep in mind before buying them. Read further to know more.

Type of Cooler
Water coolers are available in two main types the ones that are stand-alone and the ones that are connected to the main water line of the office. The former works with an external mineral water source. Depending on the strength of your office and the cleanliness of the water source, you can take your pick.

Irrespective of the water source, it is important that the filters used are of good quality. Also, check for the number of free or discounted replacement provided by the brand.

You have an option of a dual hot-and-cold faucet or having two different faucets for each. The latter is preferred by most because it is and low-maintenance. But the former is more stylish and easy-to-use.

To understand more about water coolers and to pick the ideal one for your office, visit the Main Faucet website.