Kingston Brass

Kingston Brass has been establishing itself as a valued provider of plumbing products since 1998. Known for beautifully made, superior engineering, fashion designed bathroom and kitchen hardware, Kingston Brass is a young, growing but exciting member of the plumbing fixture community. Kingston Brass mission have constantly focus on value, quality, service and professional creations to meet the rigid demands of our plumbing community. Today, the variety of product selection for designer community, Kingston Brass is highly appraised as a provider of fashion plumbing, for both residential and commercial applications.

Why Kingston Brass

Indulging in opulent bathroom and kitchen fittings is something that adds a touch of luxury to your everyday routine. Taking the same into consideration MainFaucet offers sinks, faucets and other products from Kingston Brass, which is just ideal to brighten up your homes.

Since over a decade, this brand has been one of the pioneers for offering the finest plumbing products. In fact, the superior engineering, exceptional designs and user friendly fittings have been their main selling points since its conception. This brand provides designer bathroom and kitchen hardware that has full focus on value, quality, style and services.

Considerably a nascent brand in the plumbing world, Kingston Brass is already meeting consumer's demands with professional creations and impeccable service; and is becoming a well known member of the plumbing community. Whether residential or commercial plumbing, this brand has something exclusive for almost all applications.

A few of their main products include Kingston Brass shower heads, sinks, tissue holders, etc. The best part about products of this brand is that they are all consistent. You may find that the most expensive, luxury item and a daily use product are at par when you take materials and built into consideration. This is possible as it considers business values and exceptional service when manufacturing plumbing goods. And as a result, the brand has grown to multiply and diversify in all aspects of it organization.

Recently, the brand has a whole new line of products which are the right mix of traditional design and contemporary touches. These 14 exceptional collections of Kingston Brass bathroom faucets, sinks and other items are available in a range of colors, structure, type and pattern. So, whichever product you pick, it offers a designer touch to your homes.

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