Tuscany, Italy is renowned for its cultural and creative ideals and it is also known as the "Birthplace of the Italian Renaissance"; the period of time after the dark ages in which a renewed interest in science and the arts rose tremendously. After a long period of decline, the Italian Ranaissance called to resume the "Italian way of Life". The La Toscana Collection here at MainFaucet is inspired by this concept and seeks to reflect it in the design of its kitchen and bathroom faucets. A beautiful blend of old and new, La Toscana faucets possess some of the finest craftsmanship and styles on the market.

Why La Toscana Faucets?

Italy is known for many things, but a few that is recommended and appreciated are its pizzas and interior designs. Focusing on the latter, you may find that whether it is the Italian marble or specialized lamp shade, your home will have something that offers a unique touch from this country. La Toscana is one such brand that offers all of this and more to a seemingly simple and functional place like the bathroom or kitchen.

The namesake town has been the birth place for Italian Renaissance, which means a hub for art and culture. Keeping this in mind, this brand offers exceptional Italian bathroom and kitchen faucets that will be a centre of attraction in your house.

A confluence of refined old fashion and fresh contemporary twists, kitchen and bathroom faucets from La Toscana will completely change the way you carry out your daily routine, by adding a designer feel to it.

The best part about these faucets is the convenience they provide in the cooking and wash room areas. For instance, you may not have to deal with leaky and broken taps for a long time after installing these. Additionally, the various features like multiple level, temperature control and swivel allow you to use it as per your requirement.

Along with faucets, La Toscana jetted shower panels and other such accessories helps to complement your existing fittings. The superb style and functional design allows you to ease your daily grind of work and routine. In addition to this, these go well with most themes, whether contemporary or traditional.

Available in a wide variety at MainFaucet, it would be ideal of you indulge in comfort and luxury provided by the timeless designs, and rich technology of these products.

About LaToscana

Italy has many wonderful things to offer, but one of its more widely known contributions is its beautiful interior designs. Whether you are in need of Italian marble or a customized lamp shade, an Italian product will add a unique and complimentary touch to your home’s interior. La Toscana faucets embody the beauty of Italian craftsmanship and will turn your kitchen or bathroom into a more functional and stylish space with its outwardly simple and elegant designs.

Tuscany, Italy is known as that birthplace for the Italian Renaissance, making it the epicenter for an explosion of art and culture. La Toscana seeks to emanate this concept through its lavish kitchen and bathroom faucets, meaning that your new La Toscana faucet will become the center of attention in your home.

A mixture of old and new, your La Toscana faucet will change the way you go about your daily schedule by giving off better performance and a luxurious designer feel to your home, without having to pay an arm and a leg for it.

The convenience these products offer to your kitchen and bathroom will leave you speechless. Say goodbye to broken and leaking taps, and say hello to multiple level temperature controls and swiveling spouts. Whatever your task may be, the advanced features of a La Toscana faucets will cater to your needs.

At MainFaucet, we offer a huge selection of La Toscana faucets and accessories for your bathroom and kitchen. Whether you are looking for a modern or traditional design, we have the perfect item that will allow you to indulge in comfort and luxury at a price no one else can beat. Add a touch of Italy to your home and discover for yourself the unbelievable beauty, quality, and value of a La Toscana product.