Price Pfister KAG-K1KK Air Gap Assembly - Brushed Nickel

Price Pfister KAG-K1KK Air Gap Assembly - Brushed Nickel

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Price Pfister

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Price Pfister KAG-K1KK Air Gap, Brushed Nickel (can be used with Stainless Steel faucet - close match) An air gap kit and cap is a plumbing device that prevents wastewater backflow from entering the dishwasher and the potable water supply. It provides airflow, preventing a vacuum from causing a reverse flow of water. The drain from the dishwasher is connected to the smaller of the two tubes allowing for water from the dishwasher to be pumped up through it and shoot against the air gap cap. The wastewater falls through the larger tube of the air gap kit and drains toward the garbage disposer.

  • Air Gap Assembly
  • Matching Soap/Lotion Dispenser Avaliable
  • Pforever Warranty

  • Product Specifications

    Specs Details
    Model No. KAG-K1KK
    Brand Price Pfister

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