Silkroad Exclusive

Silkroad vanitiesSilkroad Exclusive is a premier importer of vanities and bathroom accessories. Silkroad vanities come in a huge variety of different styles, colors, and sizes. Whether you want and antique or modern vanity, you will find the perfect piece here at MainFaucet that will set your bathroom apart from the rest, and with such a huge variety of products, there will be a Silkroad Exclusive vanity that will go perfectly in your bathroom; even if you have a smaller bathroom and require a space saving cornered sink cabinet or have room to spare and want a larger double sink cabinet vanity. With the unmatched quality and the most competitive prices around, a Silkroad Exclusive vanity will make the perfect addition to your bathroom.

About SilkRoad Exclusive

There is nothing more disappointing in a bathroom remodel than finding the vanity style of your dreams and then realizing it doesn't come inSilkroad Exclusive Modular Vanitiy the correct size or shape for your bathroom. In most cases, you either end up with a vanity you're not in love with or a vanity that does not fit very well in your bathroom. Either that or you have to pay a ludicrous amount to have a custom vanity fitted. Silkroad Exclusive seeks to eradicate that issue by offering modular vanities. For instance if you come across a single vanity that you fall in love with but need a double vanity for your bathroom, Silkroad Exclusive also sells a double modular unit (a vanity plus a storage unit) so that you can easily attach to your single vanity to create a gorgeous double vanity. This insures that you will get the vanity you want in the perfect size, style, and color you want.

The bathroom is a great place to come and relax after a long stressful day, so it's important to be able to set the right kind of mood. MainFaucet offers LED Silkroad Exclusive Vanities that can help you do just that. The LED lights in these vanities moves through the translucent counter top to illuminate the colors found in the stone. This lighting effect is a fabulous way to set that calming mood.

Silkroad Vanities with LED CounterLED is a great type of light to use in Silkroad Exclusive vanities for a plethora of reasons. For instance, the LED bulb requires a very low voltage, meaning you will be using less energy, paying less for electricity, and the bulb will last well over 20,000 hours. On top of all of that, LED bulbs are less venerable to vibrations and shock, making them more durable than regular filament light bulbs. Plus they put out very little heat and don't release harmful UV radiation.

No matter what you are looking for in a bathroom vanity, there is sure to be a Silkroad Exclusive vanity just for you. There are so many different options for types of countertops, sizes, wood finish, styles and materials, it's almost like you are creating your own custom vanity.

Silkroad Free Flow Ramp Sink VanitiyWhen it comes to choosing a vanity countertop, MainFaucet offers tons of different types including, marble tops, granite top, glass top, acrylic / fiberglass top, wood top, cultured stone top, ceramic/porcelain top, and travertine top. All of these different materials are available in colors like, White, Baltic Brown, Cream Marfil, Kashmire Gold, and more.

After figuring out what type of countertop you want, you will need to decide what type of cabinets you want on your new Silkroad Exclusive vanity. Silkroad vanities are available in traditional, modern, and transitional styles, so you will have no problem getting your new vanity to match the rest of your bathroom design. Vanity cabinets are also available in finishes like, espresso, white, and various types of wood tones.

The size of your vanity depends on the space available in your bathroom. This is why MainFaucet offers so many different sizes of Silkroad vanities. The width of these vanities are anywhere from 15 inches to more than 60 inches in width and 15-40 inches high. Silkroad vanities are also available with one or two sinks.

Silkroad Exclusive Vanity with VesselAlong with our huge selection of Silkroad Exclusive vanities, be sure to also check out the Silkroad faucets, sinks, mirrors, cabinets, and accessories. Choosing Silkroad Exclusive for your next bathroom remodel is a sure way to get that high end look and performance without paying the high end price. At MainFaucet we only offer the best in quality, style, and performance at the lowest price around.