Virtu USA engages in the manufacturing of quality bathroom vanities and accessories. All vanities are handcrafted by experienced professionals in the trade. Each vanity is thoroughly built by meticulous craftsmen who take ample time and care. Hence, each vanity is a unique one of a kind. Virtu offers an excellent array of selections from contemporary to traditional design vanities. Virtu intends on improving the lives of the customer with quality and striking designs, striving to present product and customer service unparallel with any on the market.

Virtu USA Quality Materials

Quality of Virtu Vanities is provided by particular technological decisions that stand behind the manufacturing proccess


Rubberwood is a hardwood from the maple family of sap producing trees. Maple syrup is made from sugar maple tree saps. Latex is made from the sap product of rubberwood trees. These trees can grow to be 75 feet with a width diameter of four feet. Rubber trees have a 30 year life span of sap production. In the past, rubber trees would often be chopped for firewood or discarded after the tree stops production. Fortunately, the furniture industry has learned of the great qualities that rubberwood offers. Rubberwood is very strong and highly resistant to bio build, such as fungus and mold. In addition, rubberwood has dense characteristics that make for easy kiln drying. Today, rubberwood is one of the top choices for durable high end home furnishings in any application. Furthermore, rubberwood has been categorized as an eco friendly lumber with its additional destiny to serve and touch the lives of its furniture owner.

Blum Hardware

Since 1977, Blum has been producing quality hardware, including the drawer gliders and hinges used in Virtu USA's newest line of modern bathroom vanities. Whether the drawers are fully loaded or empty, closed gently or with force, because of "BLUMOTION", they are sure to close silently and effortlessly everytime.

Why Virtu?

Virtu are at the forefront of the bathroom vanity industry, constantly raising the bar for quality and customer service, offering competitive pricing and variety.

Their mission is to represent product and customer service unparallel with any on the market. They strive to improve the lives of their customers with striking design and quality. Virtu intends on creating simple pleasures of good taste and charm by those who come in contact with their products.